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How to Choose the Right Primary School: 6 Essential Tips

9th November 2023

 Choosing the right primary school for your child is a pivotal decision that can shape their educational journey and future. Here are six top tips to help you make an informed choice, with a spotlight on why Rivers Primary Academy serving Blakenall and  Bloxwich in Walsall, part of the Windsor Academy Trust, stands out as a prime option.

  1. Check Ofsted Ratings: Start with researching the Ofsted reports of the schools you’re considering. Schools with high ratings are often indicative of excellent teaching and a supportive learning environment.

  2. Curriculum and Special Programmes: Look for schools that offer a balanced curriculum with a variety of programmes. Rivers Primary Academy doesn't just teach; we 'Inspire to Aspire'. Our innovative programmes, including state-of-the-art science and DT labs, ensure a holistic education.

  3. School Values and Ethos: It's crucial that the school's ethos aligns with your own values. At Rivers Primary, we value individuality, fostering a nurturing environment that encourages students to thrive and become independent learners prepared for a dynamic world.

  4. Visit the School: Always visit the schools. It gives you a sense of the environment and culture. Rivers Primary Academy welcomes prospective families to experience our supportive and inspiring atmosphere firsthand.

  5. Community and Parental Involvement: A strong sense of community and parental involvement is a sign of a good school. Rivers Primary, as part of the Windsor Academy Trust, is committed to working with parents/carers and the wider community for the benefit of our children.

  6. Future Opportunities: Consider the future opportunities a school offers. Being part of the Windsor Academy Trust, Rivers Primary provides access to an outstanding network, unlocking both academic and personal potential, and preparing students for a successful transition to secondary education.

In conclusion, when looking for a primary school in Blakenall, Bloxwich, or Walsall, Rivers Primary Academy exemplifies excellence in education. With our commitment to individual growth and our place within the innovative Windsor Academy Trust, we unlock academic and personal potential in every child, making us a top choice for your child’s educational needs.

Remember, the right school will not only educate your child but will also inspire them to aspire to greatness. Choose wisely, choose Rivers Primary Academy.

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