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Remote Learning

Remote Learning at Rivers Primary Academy

During periods of partial school closure, all children will be provided with at least the minimum entitlement of remote learning as directed by the Department of Education.  

Classrooms will be replicated virtually through the use of Google Classroom in key stage 2 and ClassDojo and Google Meet in key stage 1 and EYFS.

To support our families during this period of disruption our remote learning approach will include the sharing of weekly and daily time tables with learning delivered through a mixture of live and prepared lessons.  Teachers will endeavour to deliver at least 3 live lessons a day to support children maintain a ‘school day’ routine and also provide connection with their class teacher and peers. 

Thank you for the fantastic live lessons. I’m enjoying them a lot. I'm not getting bored staying home. I’m missing my friends and teacher but I can see you at live lessons and can say helloooooo! Year 2 Child

I think you did a great job with our live learning, and I appreciate your efforts and support for home learning. YOU'RE THE BEST! Year 5 Child

Delivery of the Curriculum

We will continue to deliver a quality curriculum which is carefully sequenced and enables children to obtain the building blocks they need to progress onto the next stage of their learning.  Where necessary we will adapt our curriculum to ensure that those topics that would be better delivered face to face will be taught on our return to school.

Today’s live lesson was great. You could explain to him in 30 minutes what I couldn't in 2 days.Thank you very much, live lessons will make home learning easier for him and for me! Year 2 Parent

Just wanted to say thank you for the online teaching. My daughter is more motivated to do the work and has not needed nagging. Year 6 Parent

Engagement and removal of barriers

No child will be disadvantaged or unable to access our learning due to lack of device or internet access.  Through the distribution and loan of our own academy resources, those received from our local authority and allocated by the DfE we will ensure that every household has at least one device to support children’s learning.

As a school we will monitor children’s engagement to ensure that they are accessing the curriculum and making progress.  We appreciate that many families are sharing devices, juggling their own work commitments and supporting each other through a pandemic - please do contact us if you face any difficulties or challenges. 


Regular feedback on submitted work will be shared by class teachers to ensure that children remain motivated to engage and learn.  Assessment for learning during live lessons through meeting chat, jamboard, polls and quizzes will ensure that children’s understanding is developed and supported.


To support the home school relationship and children’s individual progress in their learning teachers will make weekly contact calls with the children in their class to monitor their social emotional wellbeing and check in with their understanding and confidence in the week’s learning.

Madison is missing her friends and teachers. She is so happy she got to say hello. Nursery Parent

Ollie misses everyone in school but is really enjoying the live sessions. It helps him to organise himself as he is able to independently manage his own learning. Year 4 Parent

Supporting our SEND and EAL learners

Class teachers will continue to meet the needs of all children in their class.  Regular attendance at live lessons will ensure that teachers are able to continue to adapt the curriculum and share necessary resources to allow all children to be able to progress.  Our SENCO will continue to work with parents/carers to ensure that all children are able to access a broad and ambitious curriculum.

Celebration of work

Each Friday we will celebrate as a school community in our virtual morning assembly.  Children will be selected and acknowledged for showing our ASPIRE learning skills and character traits.  For those that display brilliant behaviour during the week hot chocolate will be posted out to enjoy at home. 

For further information and guidance please go to:

WAT's Remote Learning Student and Parent Guidance

Guide to logging onto online learning platforms


The online lessons have been really good. Well organised and structured. There are always documents to refer back to on dojo for the lesson. There are activities that allow Arya to continue on her own for every lesson. The lessons are well structured, which are parent friendly too. If there are any questions, I know I can always send a message on dojo or "raise hand" on the live lesson or comment in the box. Sending pictures of Arya's work and receiving positive feedback gives Arya the motivation that she is doing really well and Miss is still there, even though we are learning virtually. A timetable provided at the start of the day, keeps us all in a good routine. I know what the next lesson is and how to structure home life too.  Year 1 Parent